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Our Global Presence

Best Global Recruitment Agencies

At EV Consulting, we realize that the world is becoming increasingly smaller, and the best talent may be available from anywhere in the world and willing to relocate themselves & realign their career direction.

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Our Global Presence

Global presence & people sourcing capabilities

Whether it is the Middle East region or Asia Pacific, EV Consulting’s search partner organizations have significant local experience. Hence, we understand the sourcing methodologies unique to the local geography and have a clear visibility of the availability and demands of local talent, their career aspirations, needs and expectations.

Our success in the Middle East region & Asia regions

With over 70K followers on LinkedIn & over 160K active candidates in our pool, we have served over 200+ clients in the region and helped them hire some of the best multicultural talents from over 20+ nationalities.

Since the Middle East houses more than 150+ nationalities, it’s an ideal geography to source from a diverse pool of competent and internationally experienced candidates.

Some of the top nationality candidates we have placed and interviewed in the recent past are from the following countries :

Egypt Egypt's flag with red, white, and black stripes and the national emblem in the middle.
Jordan The flag of Jordan features black, white, and green horizontal stripes with a red triangle
Turkey Turkey's flag with a star and crescent symbolizes the country's rich history and cultural heritage
Saudi Arabia Best Global Recruitment Agencies in Saudi
UAE A tricolor flag with red, white, and green horizontal stripes representing the United Arab Emirates
India The national flag of India displays saffron, white, and green stripes along with a navy blue Ashoka Chakra
Pakistan Pakistan's flag features a crescent and star symbol, representing the country's culture and history
Sri Lanka A rectangle flag with orange and yellow lines around a golden lion holding a sword on a maroon backdrop
UK A red cross on a white background, with the red diagonal cross of St. Patrick superimposed on it
Singapore The Singapore flag consists of red and white stripes, a crescent moon, stars, equality, and progress
Malaysia The flag, with a crescent and symbolizing Islam, represents the country's unity and diversity
Thailand The flag of Thailand is a horizontal tricolor flag with red on top, white, and blue on the bottom

Over the years, we have refined the approach of identifying, screening and interviewing multicultural candidates and have developed methods to assess their skills and cultural fitment capabilities accurately.

Successful Global Recruitments of EV Consulting

Global Medical Veterinary Hospital in Australia
Veterinary Doctor
Top Equipment Technology presence in Australia
Kitchen equipment technician
Best Chef Executive Management in Brisbane, Australia
Executive Chef
Global Project Management Indutries in Australia
Project manager
Infrastructure manager
Manager – Hospitality
Sales Manager – HORECA
Top Software Web Development Industry, Australia
Full Stack Development Manager
Global Presence Admin Management Company in Australia
Administrative assistant – Korean speaking
 Top International Recruiting Agencies in Australia
UX / UI specialist

Transitional training capabilities

One of the biggest challenges candidates face while relocating to a new international region is cultural and mindset-related.

This is where our team steps in with our unique transitional training capabilities . Over the years, our team has conducted the following transitional training and transformation programs

  • 1

    Effective communication and self-confidence.

  • 2

    Cultural orientation and local adaptation.

  • 3

    Assertiveness, direct & open communication.

  • 4

    Stress management in a new workplace.

  • 5

    Work-life balance.

  • 6

    Skill upgradation & local adaptability.

  • 7

    Spoken English and listening skills.

  • 8

    Behavior transformation and professional etiquette workshop.

A woman confidently presents to a group of attentive individuals during a professional meeting

Our training uses advanced emotional intelligence techniques and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) methodologies to bring about cultural and deep-seated behavioural transformations. Our proprietary Alignment Quotient (AQ) framework – through a self-assessment method, helps measure the gap between current and ideal workplace productivity and performance in the new environment .

Many of our candidates who have attended the transitional training have benefitted by smoothly transitioning into international client locations and quickly adapting to local cultural needs. Some have requested ongoing support for 3 to 6 months into their new employment.

We work on requirements on a project-to-project basis. Suppose a client needs specific training before the candidate onboards. In that case, we work on the particular need, create content through our expert team and deliver a completely customized training and coaching session .

Best Global Transitional Training in Australia

In this strategic alliance, EV and GoWIN join hands in bringing together the best global search and transitional training practices to address the pressing needs of international clients and candidates undergoing career progression.

GoWIN, established over a decade ago, has been in search and training, serving clients across the Middle East, Asia, and the USA through its appointed entities.

EMP GoWIN – Executive Management Professionals Gowin Global FZ LLC – established in 2018 in the heart of the Middle East @ Dubai knowledge park, Dubai, has served several top clients across the region.

Some of the top clients we have served over the past six years are
  • Credence international
  • Marconi designs
  • Asiana 5-star hotel
  • Magas accounting
  • Real secure IT
  • First & ten productions
  • Zoho Corporation
  • AL Bony printing
  • ISYX Middle East
  • Octaware Gulf
Best Customer Relationship Management in Austrlia

GoWIN search USA: Established in the state of Delaware and operating from Dallas, Texas – Gowin search has served several clients in the technology space, mainly in helping them hire top performing Sales professionals

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Visit Our Website:
GoWin search has over 24,000 followers on Linkedin
A professional website designer showcases their expertise in creating visually appealing websites.

We used advanced AI-based tools, a highly refined search and selection process , candidate recommendations and referral network and our own internal candidate database search engine powered by AI.

GoWIN Coaching – Established in 2014, it has trained over 500 + corporate companies and over 30,000 professionals in over seven international regions.

Top training programs and interventions have been delivered in the following areas :
  • 1

    Sales team transformation workshop

  • 2

    First-time manager's transformation workshop

  • 3

    Team transformation program (for general staff)

  • 4

    Leadership skills program

  • 5

    Assertive communication skills

  • 6

    Sustainability Mindset workshop

  • 7

    Interpersonal skills mastery

  • 8

    Campus to Corporate (C2C) - transformation program

  • 9

    Empathy & inclusive culture mindset

  • 10

    Unbiased decision making

  • 11

    Ethics, values, integrity workshop

  • 12

    Accountability mindset

  • 13

    Entrepreneur mindset

  • 14

    Corporate etiquette & organizational behaviour

  • 15

    Artificial Intelligence vs. natural intelligence – Decision-making skills

  • 16

    Customer service mindset

  • 17

    Stress Management & Work-life balance

  • 18

    1 to 1 Coaching – Mid to Executive level

  • 19

    Cultural transformation and adaptability mindset program

  • 20

    Career transition program

All our programs are highly customizable and experiential-based interventions.

We utilize advanced NLP – Neuro-linguistic programming techniques, Emotional intelligence techniques and self-assessment tools based on a proprietary AQ – Alignment Quotient framework.

We have served clients and candidates across various sectors across industries.