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Temporary and Contract Recruitment Services in Australia

EV Consulting is a specialist recruiter in Australia with experience placing candidates into temporary and contract roles. EV Consulting is a company that assists employers in filling temporary job gaps in Australia. We have a network of skilled temporary workers available for short- and long-term positions. With a vast talent pool in Australia, we work closely with organizations of all sizes to ensure the right people are in place to fill roles quickly. Temporary workers can help keep costs down by only requiring payment for the hours worked. We are also ideal when unsure about creating a new position or trialling a worker. Contact EV Consulting to learn how temporary workers can benefit your company.

Best Temporary Staffing Solution for Flexible Workforce

EV Consulting is one of the top recruitment agencies in Australia. With a focus on professional growth and company development, our agencies provide top-notch candidates. With over a decade of experience, we cater to national and international clients. We work to benefit both companies and employees by hiring potential employees committed to the company's growth. Remote recruitment can save time and stress for companies, making the hiring process more efficient. Contact EV Consulting for more information. We offer recruitment services in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and other places in Australia.

Why Choose?

Why Choose EV Consulting For Temporary Staffing Services?

The Best in Adaptability Top-notch Flexibility Program in Australia


Quickly scale your workforce up or down based on workload demands.

Top Cost-Effective Solutions in Australia


Avoid costs associated with full-time employees, like benefits and overtime.

Hire Faster Temporary Staffing Company in Australia

Faster hiring

Access a pre-vetted pool of qualified candidates and fill positions quickly.

Efficient Solutions for Optimal Productivity Services in Australia

Reduced workload

We delegate recruitment and HR tasks to our agency, which is located in Australia.

Top Specialized Skills for Temp Staffing in Brisbane, Australia

Specialized skills

Access talent with specific skills you may not have in-house through our database.

Best Manpower Staffing Industires in Australia

Various Industries

We can place workers for many industries in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and more.


FAQs About Recruiting Solution for Temporary Staffing Services

Temporary Staff Services in Australia involves industry firms providing temporary staff to clients on a fee or contract basis. These staff work for clients at their work sites while remaining legally employed by the provider. The industry offers various services, such as contract and labour hire, temporary placement, and other employment and placement services. These services include worker testing and training, temporary trainee and apprentice placement, and other related activities.

The EV Consulting Team is dedicated to finding temporary workers quickly and efficiently, completing the entire client hiring process. We can find the right worker for roles in as little as a day, and their results are quick and efficient. If you need to speak to a specialist consultant, our dedicated team can help you.

Temporary staff hiring services, or staffing agencies, connect businesses with qualified workers for short-term projects or seasonal needs, ranging from a few days to several months.